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Weekend Sites

Saturday 1/15

18 Melissa- @ Momentous, 2:15PM, 2nd seed, Court 5

18 Det- @ Momentous, 2:15PM, 2nd seed 3 team pool, Court 13

Sunday 1/16

18 Melissa- @ Momentous, 2:15PM,  1st seed, Court 15

18 Det- @ Momentous, 2:15PM, 3rd seed, Court 14

16 Meagan- @  Draft Sports Complex, 2:15PM, 1st seed, Court Red 2



Here's a message from SCVA:

Last minute updates/changes will be posted by 5:00 pm, the Friday before the tournament.

All teams must be ready to play the first match.....if teams don't show up the schedule may change. For pool play schedule click here.

Please, do not bring skateboards or scooters to any site - we are in jeopardy of losing some sites!

The reason your athlete is out on the court is to have fun and to learn the sport of volleyball. We ask that you help the SCVA by abiding by the Spectator Code of Conduct at all events.

NO animals of any kind allowed - any team that brings an animal will be asked to leave and will forfeit all matches and points for that day!