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Weekend Warrior Nominations Updated 5-13-20

Hi Players and Families

Here are our Weekend Warrior nominations for 5-13-20 / Week 7 of 8 posted below... get outside this week and next week it's going to be beautiful weather, especially in the morning ;-)

Warriors are nominated by their coach, and all photos submitted by any player each week will be placed in the gallery above!

A special HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Mackenzie Alberts who turned 13 this week ;-)

5-13-20 Nominations

DSVC 17-Chafey:  Emily Lange

DSVC 16-Natalie:  Keeley Meka

DSVC 16-Det:  Kate Raguindin

DSVC 16-Brenda:  Aliyah Grinstead

DSVC 15-Melissa/Ty:  Lacy Cox

DSVC 14-Chafey:  Kaitlyn Clerihan

DSVC 13-Det:  Mackenzie Alberts

5-6-20 Selections

DSVC 17-Chafey:  Trinity Lopez / DSVC 16-Det:  Jolie Petersen / DSVC 16-Natalie:  Ava Bargreen / DSVC 16-Brenda:  Diana Sixtos / DSVC 15-Melissa/Ty:  Sophia Avery / DSVC 14-Chafey:  Abby Bouffard / DSVC 13-Det/Dave:  Addison Curtis

4-29-20 Selections

DSVC 17-Chafey:  Kim Ugaddan / DSVC 16-Det:  Sierra Minker / DSVC 16-Brenda:  Isabella Osborn / DSVC 15-Melissa/Ty:  Bella Branconier / DSVC 15-Zink:  Dakota Minker / DSVC 14-Chafey:  Lauren Fimbres / DSVC 13-Det/Dave:  Macy Ludwig / DSVC 12-Shay:  Grayson Germany

4-22-20 Nominations

DSVC 12-Shay: Rachel Smith / DSVC 12-Zink:  Camilla Arauz / DSVC 13-Det/Dave:  Jili Loya/Macy Ludwig / DSVC 14-Chafey:  Shannon Johnson / DSVC 14-Zink/Suzy:  Valeria Arauz (Great sister workout pic!) / DSVC 15-Melissa/Ty:  Kate Williams / DSVC 16-Det:  Gurneet Brar / DSVC 17-Chafey:  Yesenia Ramirez

4-15-20 Nominations

DSVC 12-Shay:     Morgan Sanders (Great pic this week!) / DSVC 13-Det/Dave:     Tea Vucsanovich (keeping great workout logs ;-)) / DSVC 14-Chafey:     Mia Pegorelli (ball control in socks, love it) / DSVC 15-Melissa/Ty:     Emma Ponchot (could win this every week!) / DSVC 15-Shay:      Danielle Jimenez (Doing FaceTime workouts with teammates) / DSVC 16-Natalie:     Victoria Bouffard (try to keep up little sis) / DSVC 16-Det:     Kate Raguindin (good use of Tech!) / DSVC 17-Chafey:     Katie Alexander (High Desert baller)

4-8-20 Nominations

DSVC 12-Shay:  Annabel Frederick / DSVC 13-Det/Dave:  Sofia Clarke / Macy Ludwig / DSVC 14-Chafey:  Cloey Husted / DSVC 15-Melissa/Ty:  Kate Smith / DSVC 15-Shay:  Rebecca Battles / DSVC 16-Det:  Kori Harlan / DSVC 16-Brenda:  Aliyah Grinstead / DSVC 17-Chafey:  Makayla Hatch

4-1-20 Nominations were (no foolin'):

DSVC 12-Shay: Talea Berry / DSVC 12-Zink: Nikolette Pheil / DSVC 13-Det/Dave: Emme Hansen / DSVC 13/14-Zink: Avalyn Burch / DSVC 14-Chafey: Madison Janosz / DSVC 15-Melissa/Ty: Lacy Cox / Ashley Perri / DSVC 15-Zink: Reese Post / DSVC 15-Shay: Adi Valenzuela / DSVC 16-Natalie: Keeley Meka / DSVC 16-Det: Hailey Howell / DSVC 16-Brenda: Lynn Horiguchi / DSVC 17-Chafey: Miya Tapia


5-13-20:  DSVC 17-Chafey is this week's recognized team as they are all mindfully preparing for (hopefully) a great HS season ahead ;-)

5-6-20:  DSVC 14-Chafey gets the nod this week...  Hopefully HS tryouts are just ahead so keep it up!

4-29-20:  This week's team award goes to 16-Elite for providing the best and most detailed workout sheets every week!  

4-22-20:  Coach Det has to recognize his own team 13-Det/Dave for being the most responsive with their logs and photos!  Thanks girls for working so hard each week! #settingthetone

4-8-20:  This week's winner is 12-Shay, they are killing it, love the BINGO card your team made, check it out in the Gallery ;-) 

4-1-20: Props to 15-Melissa/Ty for doing Zoom meeting workouts... Nice!  

PLEASE EMAIL your workout pics to and we'll get them posted!

Free Recruiting Webinar 4/9

Hi Players and Parents, follow the link below to register for a free recruiting webinar on April 9th at 5:00pm Sponsored by National Scouting Report.  NSR is one of many recruiting organizations out there and though DSVC typically recommends NCSA, all of these organizations have great information and this should be a worthy investment of your time.  This is for ANYONE who wants to learn more about the process, not just those in High School or those currently active with recruiting.  It's never too early to start!

Anyone interested in doing a FREE virtual recruiting seminar (FaceTime or Zoom) with Coach Det Rothe please email us at to schedule it today!

DSVC Workout Link Updates

Hi Everyone, here is a home workout with Katerina Kountouris compliments of MaxPreps... check it out and add it to your AOC Challenge sheet ;-)

No. 1: Bodyweight only


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